China Coal & Mining Expo 2013

China’s 15th International Technology Exchange & Equipment Exhibition on Coal & Mining

October 22 – 25, 2013


National Agriculture Exhibition Center

Beijing, China

China Coal & Mining Expo goes back to 1985, when it was first held. It has since been the trade’s only national event every other year. In 2013, China Coal & Mining Expo will have been hosted for 15th anniversary.

Most Outstanding Event
China Coal & Mining Expo is the largest coal mining exhibition in China and has enjoy a good reputation throughout China and worldwide. It is the top event in the China Coal industry.

Widest Ranging
The extensive exhibits at the China Coal & Mining Expo have covered the most advanced technology in the coal mining industry. Products presented at the show range from mining large scale mining, transportation and coal processing etc. from domestic and overseas suppliers.

Largest Scale
In 2011, China Coal & Mining Expo attracted more than 410 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions, occupying more than 70,000sqm which makes it as largest tradeshow in its sector.

Best Attendances
In 2011, China Coal & Mining Expo has attracted 40,000 exhibitors and visitors representing nationwide coal mine enterprises, research & design institutes and the coal trading companies, making it THE paring and networking venue for THE TRADE.

Best Location
The National Agriculture Exhibition Center locates right near the East Third Ring of Beijing which provides convenience to visitors. The spacious outdoor fairground is also very suitable for display of large mining exhibits.

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