MINExpo International is a trade show sponsored by the National Mining Association. The show exhibits the latest mining and minerals processing technologies, and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for the coal, metal and nonmetal mining processing industries. MINExpo International 2008 is thought to have been the largest mining trade show in the world.  MINExpo International is held every four years and has been held at the Las Vegas Convention Center since 1996. The 2008 MINExpo drew over 44,000 people (an increase of over 44% from the previous show in 2004) and 1,025 exhibitors in an area of 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2).

MINExpo 2012

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Minexpo 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, PhillipsMineSmart Technology, Mining Industry, Coal Mining 

MINExpo - Phillips History with MINExpo

MINExpo 2012:  Phillips Machine Services, Inc. unveiled its innovative new mining equipment at the 2012 MINExpo International in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

MINExpo 2008:  This year another Phillips first was revealed at the Las Vegas MINExpo – the PM15DE Diesel Electric shuttle car.

MINExpo 2004:  In 2004, Phillips unveiled our new PM2110-FC20 Battery Operated Shuttle Car, also a part of our Freedom® Car family.  This shuttle car is cable free, has increased payload and improve wheel units.

MINExpo 2000:  In 2000, Phillips introduced their first OEM product at the Las Vegas MINExpo. The Freedom® Car was designed to meet the increased haulage capacity requirements of today's coal mine. This machine can be provided with battery power or cable power, as a new or rebuilt shuttle coal car; whatever is required for our customer’s application.  Since it's introduction, the Freedom Car Family has expanded to include both battery powered and cable operated models.


[excerpt from www.minexpo.com]

MINExpo 2012 is 850,000 square feet and 1800 exhibitors in 12 indoor halls and outdoor areas of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

But it is more than that.

  • It's new products and services;
  • It's first hand demonstrations;
  • It's finding solutions to make your business more productive, more profitable, safer and more environmentally friendly
  • It's learning from experts to resolve your daily challenges; and,
  • It's networking with people from the worldwide global mining community

MINExpo is where you will find the safest, most innovative and productive equipment, services and technologies in the world. 


Minexpo, sponsored by NMA, or the National Mining Association, in Las Vegas.  Visit Phillips in Booth 2905 at Minexpo 2012.

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