Shuttle Car, Phillips, Phillips Machine, Coal Mining, Mining Equipment

Shuttle Car, Phillips, Phillips Machine, Coal Mining, Mining Equipment

Phillips Machine carries the largest inventory of used underground mining machinery in the USA.  The condition of this machinery will range from “Mine Ready” to “Reconditionable” to requiring “Full Rebuild”.  The machines can be purchased “as is” or can be reconditioned or fully rebuilt by our highly skilled and experienced employees. 


Our facilities are state-of-the-art equipped with the latest machine tools, welders and electrical shop.  When you have been in business as long as Phillips Machine has, you learn a thing or two about rebuilding underground machinery. 


Our over 3 decades of experience along with our remanufacturing capabilities provides the mining industry with a one stop shop for most of your mining machinery needs.  We are committed to maximum quality to ensure that the rebuilt machine you receive from Phillips Machine will meet the levels of productivity and reliability as expected from a new machine. 


Shuttle Cars currently available:

Call us for this information as equipment availability changes frequently.

 Phillips PM15DE Datasheet
 Phillips PM15DE Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips PM15DE Simple Datasheet - English
 Phillips HC12BC
 Phillips HC12BC Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips HC12BC Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips HC12BE
 Phillips HC12BE Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips HC12BE Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips HC14B
 Phillips HC14B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips HC14B Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips HC16B
 Phillips HC16B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips HC16B Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips HC20B
 Phillips HC20B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips HC20B Simple Datasheet - English
 Phillips FC12B Datasheet
 Phillips FC12B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips FC12B Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips FC16B Datasheet
 Phillips FC16B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips FC16B Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips FC20 Datasheet
 Phillips FC20B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips FC20B Simple Datasheet - English

 Phillips FC30B
 Phillips FC30B Simple Datasheet - Chinese
 Phillips FC30B Simple Datasheet - English




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