• WV Coal is shipped to 33 states and Washington DC.
  • WV Coal is shipped to 23 countries.
  • WV provides 50% of all American coal exports.
  • WV is the national leader in underground mining production.
  • WV is 2nd only to Wyoming in US coal production.
  • The coal industry and the coal burning electric generating industry together represent nearly 60% of the business taxes paid to the State of WV.
  • WV miners average more than $68,500 annually, more than twice the amount of the statewide average for all workers.
  • WV Coal industry pays for nearly $3.4 billion in annual direct wages.
  • WV estimated recoverable coal reserves amount to approx. 45 billion tons.
  • Coal is responsible for more than 12% of WV gross state product.
  • 98% of WV electricity is generated by coal.
  • More than half of American electricity is generated by coal.

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